Zoning Commission Hearing

Jan 10, 2024

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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    Jeffery Hampton

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    [email protected]

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    Zoning Commission

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    Virtual Meeting

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Announcement (January 12, 2024) about January 10, 2024 Zoning Commission Hearing: This Wednesday, January 10, from 10:57-11:00 as the Zoning Commission was in their business session to vote on Item 3 (and after public testimony on Item 3 had concluded at 10:56), a user error with our Zoom hosting erroneously removed some participants from the meeting, who were then unable to rejoin via Zoom to hear the Zoning Commission's deliberation and decision on Item number 3, or to testify or hear the deliberation and decision on Item 4. Out of an abundance of caution, and the Zoning Commission's commitment to transparent open meetings, we will be re-voting on Item 3: Text Amendment Application No. 518 Waiver of Affordable Housing Article 80 and taking public testimony and re-voting on Item 4: First Amendment to Development Plan for Planned Development Area No. 100, Parcel 25/Parcel 25B, Mission Hill from the January 10 Zoning Commission meeting at a future meeting of the Zoning Commission, currently scheduled for February 14. Such meeting will be properly noticed and advertised in accordance with all requirements of state law.

Register for Zoom: bit.ly/BZC_Jan102024

The Boston Zoning Commission typically meets on the second Wednesday of each month to rule on proposed amendments to the Boston Zoning Code. Anyone may petition the Zoning Commission to adopt a zoning change. Typically, the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) petitions the Zoning Commission to adopt zoning changes after a public dialogue and approval from the BPDA board.

Zoning Commission hearings are currently being conducted virtually through Zoom. The public can participate in hearings by registering for and attending Zoom meetings and verbally offering public comment. The public can also send written comments by email to [email protected] or by post to 1 City Hall Square, 9th Floor, Boston, MA 02201

9:00 AM Text Amendment Application No. 519
Map Amendment Application No. 768
Articles 2, 10 and 60 and Map 8A, Map 8B, and Map 8C
Greater Mattapan Neighborhood District

Said text and map amendments consolidate, simplify, and modernize the code and creates two (2) new residential subdistricts to implement zoning recommendations from PLAN: Mattapan.
9:15 AM Text Amendment Application No. 517
Map Amendment Application No. 767
Articles 2 and 90 and Maps 6A/6B/6C and Map 6E

Said text and map amendments consolidate and simplify the code and creates three (3) new industrial subdistricts and redraw district boundaries in Map 6A/B/C,Roxbury Neighborhood District and Map 6E, Newmarket Industrial Commercial Neighborhood District and establish the Newmarket 21st Century Industrial District by moving currently industrial areas on Map 6A/B/C to Map 6E, in order to implement zoning recommendations from PLAN: Newmarket, The 21st Century Economy Initiative.
9:30 AM Text Amendment Application No. 518
Waiver of Affordable Housing
Article 80

Said text amendment would amend Section 80B-2.5, Waiver of Large Project Review Requirements for Certain Projects to Preserve or Create Affordable Housing, of the Boston Zoning Code, in connection with the Mayor's Executive Order to streamline approval of Affordable Housing.
9:45 AM First Amendment to Development Plan for Planned Development Area No. 100, Parcel 25/Parcel 25B, Mission Hill

The First Amendment will redevelop the under-utilized Parcel 25H site with construction of a new six (6) story, approximately 120,000 GSF building with up to ninety-four (94) affordable rental units and 33 above ground parking spaces, including eight (8) for the sole use of the Proposed Project residents and the remaining 25 spaces as ancillary parking for the adjacent Phase 1A Project, including residential, office and retail spaces.
10:00 AM Director’s Update