Boston Civic Design Commission Monthly Meeting

Feb 07, 2023

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Contact Name:

    Elizabeth Stifel

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    [email protected]

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    Boston Civic Design Commission (BCDC)

  • Location:

    Virtual Meeting

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The Boston Civic Design Commission Monthly Meeting will be held virtually and not in person on Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at 5:00 PM.  You can participate in this meeting by going or by calling in to 669 254 5252, meeting ID: 160 368 5044.

BCDC meeting to discuss the public realm impacts of major projects currently being reviewed by the BPDA. Commission meetings are open to the public. To view a project presentation to the Commission, please visit the project's timeline through the related project link on this page.

Please note that meeting agendas are subject to change. While no additional items can be added, items can be removed, or the schedule adjusted, prior to the meeting.

The agenda is as follows (times may be approximate and agenda is subject to change):

5:00 PM – 5:05 PM Call to Order
Approval of the January 2, 2023 Monthly Meeting Minutes 
Approval of January 10, 17, 24, and 31, 2023 Design Committee Minutes 
5:05 PM – 5:10 PM Presentation of BCDC evolution
5:10 PM – 5:20 PM Presentation of the 2022 BCDC Annual Report
Report from Review Committee
Summary report on projects followed by vote to review later in the meeting
5:20 PM – 5:25 PM 155 North Beacon Street, Brighton
Fan Pier Parcel H, South Boston Waterfront
Report from Design Committee (20 minutes each)
5:25 PM – 5:45 PM 3390 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain
5:45 PM -  6:05 PM   Olmsted Village, Mattapan
Presentation to the Commission (25 minutes each)
Informational presentation preceded by a short introduction from Boston Planning & Development Agency staff
6:05 PM – 6:30 PM 155 North Beacon Street, Brighton
New life science complex
6:30 PM – 6:55 PM Fan Pier Parcel H, South Boston Waterfront
Residential building with retail and civic space
6:55 PM – 7:00 PM Staff Update on BPDA Design Vision 

All are welcome to attend. Thank you for your interest in the public realm of the City of Boston.