144 Addison Street

144 Addison Street

The project has completed a new section of Harborwalk 6.5 feet above the high tide level to increase site and building flood resiliency.

144 Addison Street


144 Addison Street, East Boston


Design Phase

Key Features

Resiliency: Inland Flood Hazard, Resilient Infrastructure

Sustainability: Green Building

Developer Gate Residential and Bulgroup Properties
Architect Arrowstreet
Landscape Architect Copley Wolff Design Group

The first floor of the buildings will be located at an elevation of approximately 21.5 feet above Boston City Base in order to account for current and future flood elevations. All important building infrastructure will be located above the 100-year flood level as represented on the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps in order to prevent a loss of service in the event of coastal storm. The garage level and other ground-floor uses will be flood-resilient to minimize risk of property damage from coastal storms, and building systems will be designed to be resilient to loss of power and extreme heat conditions.

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Street-View Elevated-First-Floor Section Site-Plan