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New Institutional Projects Moving Forward

Nov 14, 2013

The BRA Board approved expansion plans for several Boston institutions at the November Board Meeting, including Boston Children's Hospital, Boston University Medical Center, Boston University, and Northeastern University. The board also approved several Development Projects and Planning and Zoning initiatives. These projects will create more than 3,900 new construction jobs and invest more than $4 billion in the City of Boston over the next decade.

New Projects Planned for Boston Children’s Hospital
Total Project Cost for IMP: $989 million
Total SF: 720,210
Jobs: TBD
The BRA Board unanimously approved the Boston Children's Hospital 2013 Institutional Master Plan Amendment (IMPA). The IMPA includes three projects, the Boston Children's Clinical Building, 819 Beacon Street, and the Patient and Family Parking Garage addition. The total IMPA includes 720,210 square feet of new development totaling nearly one billion dollars.
Boston Children's Clinical Building (pictured on the left): $850 million facility that will be constructed at 55 Shattuck Street in the LMA. The 445,000 square foot building will be used for inpatient beds, and expanded surgery, clinical and clinical support spaces.

819 Beacon Street: located in Audobon Circle, the project will replace a surface parking lot with 245,840 square feet of office space and ground floor retail, and 432 parking spaces in a new parking garage. The project includes 183 net new parking spaces.

Patient and Family Parking Garage Addition: project includes one new level of parking with 86 parking spaces, including 76 net new parking spaces.
The approval of the 2013 IMPA extends the term of the IMP to 2023.

New Projects Planned for Boston University Medical Center
Total Project Cost (IMP): $521 million
Total SF: 698,400
Jobs: 250 full time annual construction jobs
LEED: LEED Silver for Healthcare
The BRA Board unanimously approved six projects proposed in the Boston University Medical Center 2013 Institutional Master Plan (IMPA) Amendment. The projects, all located on the university’s South End campus, include 698,400 square feet of clinical space additions and utility improvements, totaling $521 million.

Moakley Cancer Center Addition: 27,800 square feet of additional space for outpatient care, located at 830 Harrison Avenue.

New Inpatient Building - Phase I: 82,300 square feet of clinical care with facilities for Emergency Department, Trauma, Radiology, Surgery, and Intensive Care. The building will address the need to meet current clinical care standards, improve the patient care environment by modernizing critical care areas, and allow for the consolidation of multiple departments.

Relocation of the Energy Facility: relocation of a planned 38,500 square foot energy facility to the west side of the existing Power Plant. The facility was previously approved in the 2010 IMP.

New Patient Transport Bridge and Utility Replacement: replacement of the existing yellow utility tube spanning Albany Street with a new bridge to provide patient transport from the existing helipad to the emergency room and accommodate the transfer of clean materials. 

New Inpatient Building - Phase II: The second phase of the New Inpatient Building will include approximately 323,000 square feet on the site of the Dowling Tower.

Administration Clinical Building: 219,000 square feet of new clinical space

The first phase of the IMPA includes completion of the Moakley Cancer Center Addition, the New Inpatient Building Phase I, the relocation of the Energy Facility, and the New Transport Bridge and Utility Tube Replacement. Additional Article 80 review will be required for the Second phase projects which include the New Inpatient Building - Phase II, and the new Administration Clinical Building.

Boston University to Construct Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering Facility

The BRA Board unanimously approved an amendment to Boston University’s Institutional Master Plan (IMPA). The amendment includes provisions to construct a new 7-story building on an existing parking lot at 610 Commonwealth Avenue, which will house the Center for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering. The 149,500 square foot project will be for university use and contain academic, research, office, and administrative space. The project still requires additional development review and approvals.

New Projects Planned at Northeastern University

Total Project Cost, ISEB: $225 million
Total SF, ISEB: 197,000 SF (Interdisciplinary Science Building)
Jobs, ISEB: 630 construction jobs, 700 faculty/staff jobs
LEED, ISEB: LEED silver minimum

The BRA Board unanimously approved the Northeastern IMP and waived further review for the development of a new Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building (ISEB). The 11 IMP projects include academic, research, dormitory, student life, recreation and athletics facilities, parking, and accessory and support spaces.

Throughout the process of the IMP the community made clear the desire for Northeastern to build more dorm beds. The BRA supports the goal of creating roughly 1,000 dorm beds during the 10 year IMP term, and has obligated Northeastern to create new housing for a minimum of 600 undergrads in the first five years of the new IMP.
The approved Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building (pictured below) will be located at 795 Columbus Avenue, which is currently a parking lot. The building will be approximately 197,000 square feet including research, office, classroom, student space, and a cafe.


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