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Mayor Menino Announces Over $13 Million in Infrastructure Investments to Downtown Boston

Jul 24, 2012

Mayor Menino announced that $13.2 million in public and private funds are being invested in infrastructure in Downtown Crossing. The announcement came as part of the Mayor’s Celebrate Downtown Block Party, held on West Street to highlight the area’s new housing, retail, restaurants, and programming.  The projects include important quality of life improvements such as street lighting upgrades, sidewalk repairs, and new bike racks. [caption id="attachment_7718" align="alignleft" width="134"] Coming Soon: LED Streetlight and New Bike Rack[/caption]
“Downtown Crossing is Boston’s crossroads. More than 250,000 people pass through the area daily, and more than 3.2 million walk through on the Freedom Trail annually.  As businesses continue to build and invest in the area, this $13.2 million in infrastructure investment is crucial to showcasing the neighborhood as a center of vitality, progress, and excitement.”- Mayor Menino
In the City’s 5 year Capital Plan, $2.6M has been designated for road repaving, sidewalk repair, intersection improvement, and LED street sign installation. An additional $552,500 has been invested by other City departments for Big Belly trash cans, bike racks, street light upgrades, and tree pruning. These improvements strengthen the neighborhood and make it an easier place to walk, drive, and navigate. There is close to $900 million of construction underway and planned in Downtown Crossing in the next 3 years, and developers have committed close to $10 million to infrastructure improvements. Kensington Investment Company is contributing $1 million to enhance Liberty Tree Park, Boylston Street Way, and sidewalks, lighting, and trees around The Kensington, which is currently under construction on Washington Street. Millennium Partners is contributing $8.5 million dollars for its two projects, Millennium Place, under construction now, and the future Millennium Towers. Those monies will include improvements to Shoppers Park, the MBTA head house and elevator, new water and sewer lines, new traffic controls, and new sidewalks, street lights, and street landscaping. In addition the non-profit Downtown Boston Business Improvement District will spend $450,000 on district plantings, tables and chairs, and seasonal decorations by year’s end. These public and private infrastructure improvements are keys to attracting new investors to the BID and creating a thriving neighborhood. In 2012 more than 20 new retail and restaurant locations are expected to open. These businesses will be supported by the more than 3,000 new residents expected by 2016 thanks to the more than 1,200 new units of planned housing in the area. Downtown Crossing remains a top Boston destination. In addition to great restaurants and shopping, the area features weekly programming, including live music during the lunch hour and after work, an outdoor market, and exercise classes.  
Mayor Menino cutting the Back Deck cake $900 million in residential development underway or planned Mayor MeninoCourtesy of Suffolk University

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