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City Seeks Proposals for Pilot Urban Agriculture Project

Jul 12, 2011

Three Parcels Available in Dorchester to Produce Fresh, Healthy Food for Residents On July 11, Mayor Menino announced that the City of Boston released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Pilot Urban Agriculture Project. The Project proposes to put three vacant, city-owned properties in Dorchester to productive use for farming, with the goal of producing fresh, healthy food for sale in the community. The RFP seeks proposals from qualified individuals, businesses, and/or organizations to farm these properties, either as for profit or not-for-project enterprises. Local community members are strongly encouraged to submit proposals. The RFP includes incentives for partnerships between the farmers and local community organizations to encourage farming that is responsive to community needs and interests. “Urban farming is a great way to encourage small scale agricultural entrepreneurism in our city,” Mayor Menino said. “It has the capacity to bring fresh fruits and vegetables into neighborhoods and corner stores while teaching Boston families and youth about where their food comes from.” The three properties are located at 23-29 Tucker Street, 131 Glenway Street and 18-24 Standish Street. Initially, each property will be leased based on a rate of $500 per acre, which based on lot sizes, will be roughly $125 to $200 per year for a term of five years. The term may be extended if farming is successful. The deadline for proposals is August 15, 2011. The RFP package is available at the Department of Neighborhood Development’s Bid Counter on the 10th floor at 26 Court Street, Boston. The RFP can also be downloaded by registering at A bidders conference is scheduled for July 25, 2011 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Winter Chambers on the 1st floor at 26 Court Street. Any questions regarding the RFP can be emailed to Jay Lee at [email protected].

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