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View maps of Boston's Zoning Code.
Also use the BPDA Zoning Viewer or check out the Zoning pages for more information.

Map 1B-1J-1K-1L Bullfinch and North End

Volume 2 - Districts (North end, North Station, Bulfinch Triangle, Cambridge Street). Last update 6/14/2016. 22x34"

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Map 1D Huntington and Prudential

Volume 2 - Districts (Huntington Avenue, Prudential Center District). Last update 04/13/2018. 22x34"

PDF, 2.7 MB
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Map 1E-1F Harborpark and North End

Volume 2 - Districts (Harborpark, North End). Last update 8/20/2007. 22x34"

PDF, 512 KB
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Map 1H Government Center

Volume 2 - District (Government Center). Last Update 07/13/2016. 22x34"

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Map 1M Audubon Circle

Volume 2 - Districts (Audubon Circle). Last update 01/31/2014. 22x34"

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Map 1P South End

Volume 2 - Districts (South End). 22x34" Last update 05/15/2017.

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Map 1Q Fenway

Volume 2 - Districts (Fenway). Last update 09/30/2014. 22x34"

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Map 1Xa-1Xb Central Artery

Volume 2 - Districts (Central Artery Area). Last update 06/05/2018. 22x34"

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Map 2A Boston Harbor

Volume 1 - Enabling Act/General Code (Boston Harbor). Last update 11/23/2015. 22x34"

PDF, 863 KB
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Map 2B-2C Charlestown and Harborpark

Volume 2 - Districts (Charlestown, Harborpark). Last update 10/23/2009. 22x34"

PDF, 842 KB
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