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Explore the BPDA Research Division publications below by keyword, neighborhood, or topic. If you have questions about these documents, or are looking for specific information, please review the Frequently Requested Information page. This page features publications covering the most requested economic and demographic data for Boston.

Trends in Poverty and Inequality

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Oct 20 2015 Publication Date

The BRA Research Division prepared this presentation for the Boston Citywide Plan to provide a factual basis to understand 1) historical trends that have shaped poverty and inequality in Boston, 2) the extent of poverty and inequality in Boston today, and 3) specific populations that are disproportionately affected by poverty and inequality.

Topics: Age, Education, Foreign-born, Gender, Households & Families, Income & Poverty, Language, Race
Boston's Economy - 2015

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Oct 19 2015 Publication Date

Boston's economy has grown steadily since the end of the Great Recession in mid-2009, outperforming both Massachusetts and the nation with annual job growth of 2.0 percent between 2010 and 2014. This report describes Boston's economy in terms of jobs, unemployment, wages, key industries, and real estate.

Topics: Industry Profiles, Labor Market, Real Estate & Development
Boston's Growing Economy

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Oct 16 2015 Publication Date

This presentation provides statistics showing historical trends that shaped the economy of Boston. Presentation sections include A Growing Economy, Strong Core Industries, A Vibrant Labor Market (Jobs in Boston), A Productive Resident Labor Force, and A Booming Real Estate Market.

Topics: Industry Profiles, Labor Market, Real Estate & Development
Boston in Context: Neighborhoods - 2015

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Aug 04 2015 Publication Date

This publication compares Boston and its neighborhoods to the U.S. and Massachusetts on several demographic, economic and housing characteristics. This report uses a combination of 2010 Census data and 2009-2013 American Community Survey data.

Topics: Age, Education, Foreign-born, Households & Families, Income & Poverty, Industry Profiles, Labor Market, Language, Race
Boston City Council Districts: Part 2

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Jun 24 2015 Publication Date

This report presents additional demographic statistics for the Boston City Council Districts from the 2009-2013 American Community Survey.

Topics: City Council Districts, Education, Income & Poverty, Industry Profiles
2014 Financial Education Report

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Jan 07 2015 Publication Date

A Review of Financial Education Practices in the United States & Observations on Applications to Immigrant Markets for Financial Services

Topics: Industry Profiles
Hotels in Boston PowerPoint

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Sep 29 2014 Publication Date

This PowerPoint presentation includes highlights from the BRA Research Division's 2014 Hotels in Boston report.

Topics: Real Estate & Development
Hotels in Boston

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Aug 13 2014 Publication Date

This report provides information on Boston's hotel industry, growth, and overall economic impact. It details occupancy rates, hotel distribution by neighborhood, and more.

Topics: Real Estate & Development
Boston's Neighborhood Business Patterns

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Aug 07 2014 Publication Date

Boston's Neighborhood Business Patterns examines private sector employment by neighborhood. It provides information on Boston's leading industries and employers, employment size, and the location of businesses and jobs in Boston.

Topics: Industry Profiles, Labor Market
2014 NIH Report

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Jun 23 2014 Publication Date


Topics: Income & Poverty, Labor Market