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Harvard University Allston Campus

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Quinn Valcich



Active Projects
Harvard University has submitted an Institutional Master Plan Notification Form (IMPNF) to the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) to present the proposed development plans to be included in the next ten-year Institutional Master Plan (IMP) for Harvard University's campus in Allston. In total, Harvard owns approximately 358 acres of land in Allston and the land area subject to the IMP consists of approximately 184 acres used by Harvard for institutional purposes. This IMPNF proposes six institutional projects, three of which were included in Harvard’s 2013 IMP but were not constructed. This includes a new Faculty and Administrative Office Building for Harvard Business School (HBS), the Gateway Project, and the Harvard Stadium Renovation and Addition. Newly proposed IMP Projects include a new Tennis and Squash Racquet Center, a new support building for Mignone Field, and a change of use and partial renovation of 168 Western Ave for the Crimson Catering program. These Projects total approximately 720,000 SF of new construction and approximately 138,500 SF of renovation.

Land Square Feet: 8,140,067 ft2