Market pressures have been creating changes to the South Huntington Corridor, traditionally an area of institutional uses. The objective of the South Huntington Avenue Corridor Study is to establish a corridor vision, which will inform a set of development guidelines to shape the future corridor feel and physical character. In recognition of multiple recent development projects, and the individualized manner in which each of these projects are reviewed, the corridor study seeks to create a comprehensive vision and unified set of guidelines for the review of projects, and the guidance of future growth.

The corridor boundaries include the length of South Huntington Avenue at its intersection with Huntington Avenue and Perkins Street, respectively.

The end product of the South Huntington Avenue Corridor Study is titled the South Huntington Avenue Framework for Future Development Review, and is available below in its final form. Staff presented the Framework to the BRA Board of Directors at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting on May 16, 2013 where it was supported.

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