Project Vision

The vision for the South Boston Waterfront is to realize its full transformation to a distinct and vibrant neighborhood within the City of Boston that:

  • supports a broad cross-section of the region’s economic drivers;
  • provides residential space and quality of life for a diversity of Boston’s residents; 
  • and is a world-renowned, memorable, and accessible destination for tourists, conventioneers, and other visitors, alike.

There is broad consensus that a Sustainable Transportation Plan—that supports the 21st Century South Boston Waterfront area, defines and prioritizes transportation system investments, influences people’s travel behaviors, and improves the public realm—is needed to unleash the full potential of this area and achieve the vision. This Plan seeks to:

  • improve access and mobility for all, 
  • support economic growth and vitality,
  • enhance the public realm,
  • contribute environmental and health benefits,
  • and invest smartly in the future.

The resulting Plan, featuring an unprecedented collaboration of the private and public sectors, is a blueprint for improving the growth of the Waterfront, proposing real solutions to meet the growing and changing transportation needs of the district, improve the public realm of the area, all while preserving the quality of life for the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Plan benefitted from the input of area stakeholders through five community meetings and more than 50 outreach meetings throughout the process. We see its completion as the beginning of continued collaboration to refine and implement Plan recommendations.

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