Per Article 50, Section 38: Any Proposed Project, if visible from any public street or public open space, that: proposes the erection of a new building; any exterior alteration affecting more than three hundred (300) square feet on the Street Wall Facade above the Ground Floor Ceiling Height; or any exterior alteration changing the roof shape, cornice line, height of Street Wall, or Building Height of an existing Building; and a new building or the addition or the expansion of an existing building by more than seven hundred fifty (750) square feet or more of gross floor area, requires Design Review.

Proposals with Open Comment Periods

25 Howard StreetThe Developer has applied to the Boston Inspectional Services Department (ISD). The current proposal is to construct a steel frame, 6095 square foot, two-story enclosure over the existing loading bay area with additional factory space above, including ancillary offices. If you have any comments please submit them via the form below by November 14, 2023.

Proposals Undergoing Design Review

There are currently no Neighborhood Design Review (NDR) proposals undergoing design review.

Proposals that Completed Design Review

The following proposals have completed Design Review, have been stamped by the Urban Design Department, and can obtain building permits from the Inspectional Services Department. You can view the stamped plans by clicking on the project's address.

18 Albion Street

1149 Harrison Avenue 

57 Blue Hill Avenue

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