The rezoning for the Newmarket Core-Area was completed in January 2014. Below, please find the links on our website under the Zoning section for the new Article 90, Land Use Regulations Table A, and Map 6E.

Any questions regarding the application of the Newmarket-area zoning regulations for applicability to existing businesses and new development proposals and/or potential zoning-relief/ZBA requests should go to the following BRA planners. What has been conventionally known as the greater Newmarket area is divided between three BRA planning districts and Boston Zoning Code neighborhood districts.

Newmarket Zoning and ZBA Inquiries:

  • South Boston - Mary Knasas - Article 90 - Newmarket NIC District

Mary Knasas is the South Boston ZBA/neighborhood planner at the BRA who would review any requests for zoning relief forwarded from ISD to the BRA for proposals within the boundaries on attached Map 6E.

Overview of Completed Planning Study Prior to Rezoning:

In 2012, the Boston Redevelopment Authority (“BRA”) began a new initiative to update the Zoning Code to address outdated land uses established in the 1960s for the Newmarket core bounded by Southampton Street, Massachusetts Avenue, the Expressway Connector and the Fairmount rail corridor. The purpose of this new zoning article was to update the land use table zoning regulations for the core Newmarket industrial district. It was to reflect more contemporary uses of the present-day economy, ease permitting, retain and protect core industrial uses, and strengthen the identity of the core industrial district.

BRA staff spent the past year working with an 11-member Newmarket Business Advisory Group (“Working Group”). Members of the longstanding industrial business advocacy association as well as business owners who participated during the public working sessions were key in developing this article. The role of community participation in determining appropriate land use regulations and zoning is critical to the success of any zoning article. Overall, the Working Group met with BRA staff for seven (7) public Working Group meetings up through December 2013, and Article 90 and Map 6E was the end result of these meetings.

The Newmarket Industrial-Commercial Neighborhood District (“NIC” District) is the region’s economic engine for production and distribution of essential goods and services. It is a centrally located gateway that is in the heart of Boston with easy access to Logan International Airport, downtown Boston, interstate highways 90 and 93, and major public transportation routes. Historically, the NIC District has been Boston’s established epicenter for food processing, distribution, other light manufacturing industries, and non-industrial compatible uses which support these industries. More recently, it has also become home to core public/private services; professional, scientific and technical businesses; and healthcare facilities. Moving forward the NIC district seeks to integrate innovative and environmentally friendly businesses, and create a diverse and expanding workforce.

In summary, Article 90 will allow the Newmarket core, Boston’s backbone of essential industrial/commercial enterprises to continue to serve the city and region as a key employment district with streamlined permitting and complementary uses.

The Business Advisory Group played a key advisory role in assisting the Boston Redevelopment Authority (“BRA”) on how to make city permitting easier for existing and potential industrial businesses as well as compatible, support businesses within the core of the Newmarket Industrial District (please see Map 6E).

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