As Boston searches for available sites to meet development demands, the air rights along the Boston Extension of the Massachusetts Turnpike offer an opportunity to accommodate new uses and meet the needs of local residents, businesses and institutions. The redevelopment of former rail yards and air rights into the Prudential Center complex sets a precedent for this type of development.

The Turnpike Authority has organized the remaining available air rights along the corridor into 23 parcels that are generally defined by bridges or natural boundaries.

Parcels 12 – 15 are located around the intersection of Boylston Street and Massachusetts Avenue in the Back Bay neighborhood. Parcel 12 forms a 400-foot gap along Massachusetts Avenue, while Parcels 13, 14 and 15 create a 990-foot and 550-foot gap respectively along Boylston Street.

Citizens Advisory Committee: The MassDOT Turnpike Air Rights Parcels 12 – 15 Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) is made up of residents, business owners, community organizations, and professionals. The CAC was appointed in June 2011 to assist the Boston Redevelopment Authority in the public process involved with any potential redevelopment of Parcels 12 – 15.

In June 2000, the City of Boston published A Civic Vision for Turnpike Air Rights in Boston, the result of almost four years of planning by a Strategic Development Study Committee. This document available on the BRA website provides the basic guidelines and framework as the Citizen’s Advisory Committee, together with the City, reviews future air rights development proposals.

**In January 2016, the 1000 Boylston Street Project was filed for Parcel 15. Please visit the following project-specific page for details, including the Project Notification Form (PNF):

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