Article 66, Section 32 establishes Neighborhood Design Overlay Districts (NDOD) as overlays to all or portions of certain subdistricts within the Fenway Neighborhood District. The Neighborhood Design Overlay Districts are established to protect the historic character, existing scale, and quality of the pedestrian environment of these neighborhoods, which give the Fenway area its unique architectural character. Whether through new construction or rehabilitation, development of housing within these Neighborhood Design Overlay Districts that preserves and complements the character of the existing housing stock and enhances the historic quality of these neighborhoods is encouraged.

Per Article 80E-2.1(b)(iii): Design review has been triggered due to one or more of the following:

  • Change in roof shape, cornice line, street wall height, or building height of an existing building;
  • Erection/extension of a building > 300 or more s.f.;
  • Change in building massing or size/location of door or window openings, where such alteration affects three hundred (300) or more square feet of exterior wall area, or a smaller exterior wall area if expressly provided in the underlying zoning.

Proposals that Completed Design Review

The following proposals have completed Design Review, have been stamped by the Urban Design division, and can obtain building permits from the Inspectional Services Department. You can view the stamped plans by clicking on the project's address.

58 Burbank Street (January 2023)

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