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The Codman Square + Four Corners plan will determine a public investment and growth-focused vision for the area focused on the central commercial blocks and transit assets. This is part of Squares + Streets, a new planning and zoning initiative that will focus on housing, public space, arts and culture, small businesses, and transportation in neighborhood centers and along main streets.

About Squares + Streets

The BPDA, in partnership with several City of Boston departments, is launching a series of Squares + Streets plans. Codman Square + Four Corners is one of the first four locations, serving these neighborhoods of Codman Square and Four Corners along the major Washington Street thoroughfare. The people who live, work, shop, and visit this commercial area will have the opportunity to participate in the development of the planning process.

Squares + Streets focuses on small geographic areas around the City of Boston, creates plans that reflect community needs, and provides implementable action steps that respond to those needs within a 5–10 year period.

The Squares + Streets process looks to develop a plan and implementable recommendations within 6–9 months, to ensure that critical needs identified by the community during the engagement process have a well-understood planning-to-implementation pipeline. This timeline also reflects the urgency of the larger housing crisis affecting many areas in Boston and a desire to reduce the barriers to participation inherent in long engagement processes.

To learn more about Squares + Streets, please see the project homepage.

Codman Square + Four Corners Overview

Washington Street is a critical transit corridor in Central Dorchester that serves an important function in connecting the Codman Square and Four Corners neighborhoods. The historic commercial area, situated approximately five miles south of Downtown Boston, is a small business hub for a number of immigrant and minority-owned businesses and is served by several religious institutions, non-profit organizations, and civic groups that support diverse populations, including renters, homeowners, youth, families, and elders. These organizations and the active commercial corridor allow for a variety of different services, programs, and events to happen along Washington Street and its abutting streets on a regular basis.

Codman Square + Four Corners Plan

The Codman Square + Four Corners plan will determine a public investment and growth-focused vision for the area focused on the central commercial blocks and transit assets and will represent an important opportunity to identify near-term actions to support housing, public space, transportation, climate, small businesses, and arts and culture.

The Squares + Street planning process will look to:

  • Update zoning to allow for a diverse range of housing and business opportunities
  • Use policy, design, and funding resources to preserve, maintain, and produce affordable housing, retail, and cultural spaces
  • Identify capital and program investments to provide residents with safe, accessible, and affordable transportation options
  • Identify discrete design interventions to expand tree coverage, mitigate heat, prepare for an electric future, and otherwise advance climate resilience
  • Preserve and promote places and institutions that are integral to community identity

Squares + Streets: Codman Square + Four Corners Study Area

Map of the Codman Square + Four Corners Study Area in Boston.

Get Involved

Upcoming events

Saturday, June 8 | 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM | Squares + Streets: Codman Square + Four Corners - Coffee & Conversation | 260 Washington Street , Dorchester, MA 02121

Grab a Coffee and Snack, and join your neighbors to learn more about what Squares + Streets is, as well as how you can shape the planning process. 

Food, and childcare will be provided, as well as interpretation in Spanish, Cape Verdean Creole, and Haitian Creole.

Stay Informed

Over the course of the spring and summer, staff will be at several community events to engage with you about the Codman Square + Four Corners plan. Check out the "Stay Connected" section for engagement notifications and our calendar to check out upcoming engagement activities.

Language Access

Through Squares + Streets the BPDA and City of Boston are committed to making the planning process as inclusive and open a process as possible. The Codman Square + Four Corners planning process will offer Spanish interpretation and translation services for key public meetings and materials. If you need any of these materials or information in an additional language please email [email protected].

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Share Your Thoughts

We want to hear from you! All questions, comments and ideas are welcome. Comments are received and reviewed by members of the Codman Square + Four Corners - Squares + Streets team.

To submit a comment in a language besides English, please email [email protected].
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