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Navigating Downtown Crossing Just Got Easier

Feb 18, 2015

wayfinding-sm-(1).jpgThe Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) recently rolled-out the first phase of its pedestrian wayfinding program along Summer Street, between the MBTA’s Park Street and South Stations. The four kiosks are the first in the city built to the new display guidelines established by the BRA in partnership with the BID and local consulting agencies. The collaboration between the BRA Planning Division, led by John Greeley, Corey Zehngebot and Jill Zick, design firms omloop and KMDG, and fabricator Design Communications LTD., has resulted in an ambitious and innovative framework for future, standardized wayfinding throughout the city.
wayfinding-sm-2.jpgTo achieve the goal of creating a more seamless pedestrian experience, concierges and BID ambassadors were consulted on behalf of downtown’s diverse population. Gone is static one-size-fits-all signage; maps now differ from one location to the next, providing passing tourists, students, and workers with tailored sidewalk navigation. And the wayfindings’ new, clean design makes it something area residents can take pride in as a feature of the Downtown Crossing landscape—not just a tool for travelers.
The new wayfinding shows Boston in its best light by utilizing innovative, energy-efficient light to illuminate kiosks 24-hours a day. These kiosks, powered by pilot wayfinding-sm-3.jpgsolar technology, are the first of their kind in the city. And it’s the hope of the Downtown BID and the BRA that this newly designed, energy-efficient model of wayfinding helps point pedestrians and neighboring communities alike in the right direction. 
Passersby are encouraged to get an up-close look at the new wayfinding. But the differences are just as clear from right here, thanks to reader-friendly typeface and an easily digestible layout. Each feature is made even easier to see thanks to inviting, solar-powered soft backlighting. Summer Street and Winter Street kiosks shown.

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