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Update: Downtown Crossing

Dec 07, 2012

Klopfer Martin Design Group (KMDG) was selected to develop a Streetscape Design Standards & Wayfinding Program for Boston's Downtown Crossing Business Improvement District (BID).  The BRA received 11 proposals in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP).  At the BID's Annual Meeting, KMDG presented its long-term vision for a district-wide standard of design to be implemented in the public realm i.e. sidewalks, roadways, the pedestrian zone, signage, and the vending program.  Experts in landscape architecture, wayfinding, urban design, universal design, vending, civil and traffic engineering, and bicycling, have been assembled by KMDG to be incorporated into the standards. As part of the project, KMDG and the BRA will develop:
  1. specifications for sidewalk & roadway materials
  2. recommendations for the pedestrian zone
  3. recommendations for the vending program
  4. concept plans for the wayfinding program
In response to changing demographics, KMDG will use urban design to "recast the crossing" as a public, open space.  New wayfinding standards will be used to highlight intersections and opportunities to "connect the connections."  Wayfinding components will include all modes of transportation (private motor vehicles, public transportation, bicycling, and pedestrians), informational kiosks, maps, and the area's history and culture to "unlock the experience."  KMDG will "reframe retail vending" to provide an entrepreneurial opportunity while serving the public. The BRA is also working on improving the crosswalks, street lights, sidewalks, and planter in the Kingston and Bedford Street intersection.  Senior Planner II/Project Manager, Jonathan Greeley, presented the project and its timeline at the BID's Annual Meeting.  The design will be finalized this month with construction to be completed in late May.

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