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What’s next for Wharf 8/Pier 7?

Aug 23, 2012

The submissions are in! The BRA received 4 proposals to reconstruct and reactivate the Innovation District's Wharf 8/Pier 7 in response to a Request for Proposals. The wharf's prime location between Liberty Wharf and Bank of America Pavilion provides an incredible opportunity to create a nearly 300,000 SF mixed-use maritime facility that will support waterfront tourism and increase public access to the Harbor.  Inspired by the objectives of the 1996 Port of Boston Economic Development Plan, the 1999 South Boston Seaport Public Realm Plan, and the 1999 Final Master Plan Boston Marine Industrial Park (BMIP), the BRA wants to:
  • Increase job opportunities for residents.
  • Encourage pedestrian traffic by combining the water-dependent industrial requirement with emerging innovative technologies.
  • Create daytime/hourly boat slips to encourage water-based visitation to the port and the Innovation District.
  • Take advantage of the site's extraordinary location and overall accessibility to attract and enhance international trade.
  • Incorporate sustainable development and green building strategies and technology.
  • Protect and promote water-dependent industrial uses within the BMIP and enhance its role as an economic development catalyst for the Innovation District.
  • Attract uses/tenants with a high ratio of jobs/SF.
  • Boost the overall appearance of the site and the BMIP by leveraging private resources and expertise.
  • Improve physical assets that will support viable economic activity and promote business growth and job creation within the BMIP.
The wharf is in a Designated Port Area and is zoned a Maritime Economy Reserve (MER).  As a Designated Port Area, apartments/condominiums, hotels/motels, health care facilities, recreation boating, entertainment or sports complexes, and general office buildings are prohibited from Wharf 8/Pier 7.  MER permits the following maritime industrial uses: bulk and containerized cargo handling operations; large vessel service support and repair; seafood processing and distribution; passenger vessel operations; and similar uses.    

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