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BRA Releases RFP for Parcels 9 & 10 in Roxbury

Apr 28, 2011

The Boston Redevelopment Authority (“BRA”) and the Massachusetts Division of Transportation (“MassDOT”) are pleased to issue this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) for the development of Parcels 9 and 10 located in the Roxbury Neighborhood of Boston. Parcels 9 and 10 are two of seven parcels to be disposed of through the process described in the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan (“Master Plan”). This RFP is based on the Master Plan and a series of community workshops led by the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan Oversight Committee (“RSMPOC”), which is charged with overseeing the implementation of the Master Plan, in partnership with the Roxbury community and the Boston Redevelopment Authority (“BRA”). With the goal of implementing key provisions of the Master Plan and key community objectives, Parcels 9 and 10 are viewed by the community and the BRA as an important opportunity to stimulate development that will improve physical, economic, and social conditions in Roxbury. In its planning work for Parcels 9 and 10, the RSMPOC and Roxbury community have arrived at a preference for “wealth-generating” uses that create jobs, equity, and sustainable economic growth for Roxbury residents. Development proposals should consider small to mid-size retail and commercial anchor tenants that complement and strengthen the Dudley Square retail business district.

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