Research Publications

Explore the BPDA Research Division publications below by keyword, neighborhood, or topic. If you have questions about these documents, or are looking for specific information, please review the Frequently Requested Information page. This page features publications covering the most requested economic and demographic data for Boston.

Tall Ships Visit Boston

N/A Neighborhoods

Jun 01 2000 Publication Date

Documents the economic benefits of the tall ship's visit to Boston in July, 2000.

Topics: Industry Profiles, Real Estate & Development
Survey of Linkage Programs in Other US Cities

N/A Neighborhoods

May 01 2000 Publication Date

A comprehensive look at linkage programs in other cities comparing policies, practices and results.

Topics: Real Estate & Development
Higher Education in Boston

N/A Neighborhoods

Mar 01 2000 Publication Date

Highlights the important role of Boston's $4 billion higher education economy to both the city and the economy.

Topics: Industry Profiles