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Research Publications

Population & Demographic

Boston's Shifting Demographics

This presentation provides statistics showing historical trends that shaped the present population of Boston. Presentation sections include population growth, diversity, educational attainment, age distribution, and changing families.


Most Recent

Boston School Enrollment & Educational Attainment, 1990-2000

Discusses the growth of school-aged children and school enrollment during the 1990s. Highlights the rising level of educational attainment in Boston.

Boston Household Characteristics, 1990-2000

A comparative view of housing and household characteristics in Boston and its neighborhoods, 1990-2000.

Boston Poverty Data over the Decade of the 1990s

Bad news for the elderly, some good news for children, families with children, and single parent families.

Race, Age and Gender, 1990-2000

Discusses the details of Boston's population growth between 1990 and 2000.

2000 Census SF1, Wards 1-10

SF1 data for Boston's Wards 1-10.

2000 Census SF1, Wards 11-22

SF1 data for Boston's Wards 11-22

2000 Census SF1, Zip Codes 02108-02127

SF1 data for Boston's ZIP Codes 02108 through 02127.

2000 Census SF1, Zip Codes 02128-02215

SF1 data for Boston's ZIP Codes 02128 through 02215.

For First Time in Boston's History, Non-family Households Top 50 Percent

In 2000, for the first time in Boston's history, non-family households (people living either alone or with non-family members) accounted for the majority of households in the city.

Boston's Population 2000-Changes in Asian and Hispanic Population

Discusses the changesin Boston's fastest growing populations, Asians and Hispanics, between 1990 and 2000.