Landmark Center Redevelopment Project

Land Sq. Feet
0 sq ft
Gross Floor Area
1,384,540 sq ft
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Project Description
The Landmark Center Redevelopment Project consists of three phases. Phase I, approved in 2014, consisted of a new 1.1-acre public open space in place of the former Best Buy parking lot, landscaping and streetscape improvements, interior renovations of existing buildings at 401 Park Drive and creation of a food hall. Phase II, proposed in the 2017 Project Change, consists of an approximately 470,000-square foot (SF) office/life sciences building and a 10,000-SF public plaza at 201 Brookline Avenue. Phase III, proposed in the 2021 Project Change, replaces the existing structure at the intersection of Brookline Avenue and Park Drive, with an approximately 550,000 square foot office/life sciences building, with an approximately 50,000 square foot ground-floor grocery space to be occupied by Star Market.

Project Phase

  • Letter of Intent
  • Under Review
  • Board Approved
  • Under Construction
  • Construction Complete


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