Fenway Center

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Quinn Valcich

Land Square Feet

196,020 ft2

Fenway PDA Development Plan Large Project
PDA No. 74 pertains to the redevelopment (the “Project”) of an approximately 4.5 acre site including both air rights over the Massachusetts Turnpike (“Parcel 7”) between the Brookline Avenue and Beacon Street overpasses and terra firma on adjacent land along the south side of Beacon Street between the Turnpike and Maitland Street (see Exhibit A hereto, the “Project Site”); The Project will include four major new buildings (“Buildings 1-4”) ranging from 7 to 20 stories (80 feet to up to 345 feet in height), including residential, retail, office, laboratory, and accessory uses to the same. Alltogether, the Project will include approximately 1,099,000 square feet of gross floor area.