Doyle's Café Project

Jamaica Plain
Land Sq. Feet
0 sq ft
Gross Floor Area
57,544 sq ft
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Project Description
The proposed mixed-use development calls for the creation of attractive, energy-efficient commercial and residential buildings. Commercially, the project revives the legendary Doyle’s Café, guided by the award-winning Brassica Kitchen and Café team of Jamaica Plain, and expands the Washington Street storefront with a new 4,178 SF urban grocery market addition on the Washington and Gartland Street corner. Spanning a full Washington Street block, and easily accessed at grade, these commercial staples will provide immediate access to great food and a marketplace, restore street life, and become a true centerpiece to the ongoing redevelopment of the area dubbed JP/ROX. Total renovation and improvement of Doyle’s bar and restaurant space include a new restaurant roof deck above. A new 4-story residential condominium building above the market, with four (4) dwelling units per floor, completing Doyle’s building addition. Located at 60 Williams Street is a proposed new four-story residential building containing (7) seven new dwelling units. Covered public parking to serve the restaurant and grocery market is provided at grade, within this building’s footprint. Within Phase 2 a new structure located at 69 Williams Street consisting of 6 affordable condominium units with off-street parking for 6 vehicles.

Project Phase

  • Letter of Intent
  • Under Review
  • Board Approved
  • Under Construction
  • Construction Complete


Jamaica Plain Small Project