Bartlett Place Development

Land Sq. Feet
374,180 sq ft
Gross Floor Area
233,490 sq ft
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Project Description
The Bartlett Place Development is a multi-phase project which consists of elements that include housing - rental and homeownership - retail, commercial and other community uses including the creation of a public plaza and enhanced pedestrian walkways and infrastructure. The project's components are governed by zoning through a Planned Development Area ("PDA"). The various phases (also referred to by Lot Designation) of the project correspond with separate parcels within the 6 acre site each of which has a corresponding review process. Proposal for Phase I calls for 102 residential units in two buildings along with 16,839 SF of commercial space and structured parking for 130 vehicles. Lot A: proposes the creation of mixed use commercial. This component of the project while approved in concept through the original PDA process is still undergoing design review. Lot B: provides for the creation of 60 units. Additional residential units to complete the anticipated 60 will come online as part of the future construction on this portion of the site. Lot D: Proposes approximately 55 units of affordable senior housing. This component of the overall Bartlett Place Project has had review for Article 80 (Small Project) and Design Review with the Boston Civic Design Commission Lot E: Consists of 16 homeownership units the Article 80 and Design Review process for which has been completed Lot F: This phase will consist of new rental and homeownership opportunities. This component of the overall Bartlett Place Development while approved in concept under the PDA will have a separate filing for Article 80 once preliminary design review is complete

Project Phase

  • Letter of Intent
  • Under Review
  • Board Approved
  • Under Construction
  • Construction Complete
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