776 Summer Street Planned Development Area No. 128

BPDA Contact

Stephen Harvey

Land Square Feet

661,500 ft2

South Boston PDA Master Plan Large Project
HRP 776 Summer Street LLC proposes to develop approximately 15 acres of land located at 776 Summer Street in the South Boston neighborhood. The proposal entails the development of approximately 1.73 million square feet of Gross Floor Area, including: approximately 610,000 square feet of residential use, approximately 860,000 square feet of office/research and development uses, approximately 80,000 square feet of retail uses, approximately 115,000 square feet of hotel use, and up 1,214 parking spaces. The proposal will preserve several historic buildings on the site and provide 5.7 acres of new public open space. The PDA Master Plan contemplates the construction of multiple buildings and the rehabilitation of existing buildings that comprise the proposed Master Plan area.