295 West First Street

South Boston
Land Sq. Feet
63,818 sq ft
Gross Floor Area
225,719 sq ft
BPDA Contact
Project Description
A transformative four (4) to six (6) story mixed-use residential building (approximately 48’6” along West Second Street to 69’11” along West First Street) of approximately 226,000 gross square feet, with up to 252 residential units, public open space with active ground floor community and retail uses (at its “Yard on Second” concept), on-site and above grade garaged parking for up to 126 vehicles, bicycle storage and on-site amenities (the “Proposed Project”). The Proposed Project will also make critical improvements to the surrounding public realm, with new widened sidewalks, upgraded street intersections for enhanced pedestrian safety; protect and maintain certain existing street trees and install additional new street trees for an improved and robust canopy around the Project Site perimeter; and, with an appropriate residential density at a large Project Site, help to address the City’s housing crisis with a contributing scale of on-site income-restricted units and expanded workforce opportunities, in excess of the current Inclusionary Development Policy requirements.

Project Phase

  • Letter of Intent
  • Under Review
  • Board Approved
  • Under Construction
  • Construction Complete
South Boston Large Project