1550 Soldiers Field Road and 21 Soldiers Field Place

Land Sq. Feet
71,984 sq ft
Gross Floor Area
223,000 sq ft
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Project Description
Dinosaur 1550 LLC (the “Proponent”), an affiliate of Dinosaur Capital Partners LLC, as the proposed owner-developer of two (2) parcels of land at 1550 Soldiers Field Road and 21 Soldiers Field Place in the City of Boston’s Brighton neighborhood (the “Project Site”). The Project Site includes 1.65 total acres (approximately 71,984 total square feet), with the Principal Development site consisting of a 1.08-acre (approximately 46,997 square feet) parcel at 1550 Soldiers Field Road and the smaller 0.57-acre (approximately 24,987 square feet) parcel located at 21 Soldiers Field Place. The proposed project includes the construction of 211 market-rate apartment units in a six-story structure at 1550 Soldiers Field Road (the “Principal Development”) and 38 income-restricted homeownership units at 21 Soldiers Field Place in a four-story condominium building (the “Associated Off-Site Project”), with a combined floor area of approximately 223,000 gross square feet and approximately 175 on-site parking spaces for both building components; including 148 spaces in an underground garage at the 1550 Soldiers Field Road building and 27 open-air garaged spaces at 21 Soldiers Field Place (collectively, the “Proposed Project”). While the Proposed Project will consist of two (2) new buildings situated on their own separate parcels of land, the overall Project Site will be master planned and designed together, with vehicular access from Soldiers Field Place, compatible site and pedestrian access improvements, robust usable open space and related public realm measures.

Project Phase

  • Letter of Intent
  • Under Review
  • Board Approved
  • Under Construction
  • Construction Complete
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