125 Lincoln Street

Leather District
Land Sq. Feet
27,985 sq ft
Gross Floor Area
393,500 sq ft
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Project Description
The Project has significantly changed since the PNF filing and now consists of a new, approximately 393,500 sf research and development building, with active ground floor space. Adjacent to the I-93 on-ramp at Lincoln Street and the Greenway, the Project intends to replace an existing building with a new building that will activate and invigorate the urban environment around it. The Project includes the following key components: The redesign of the open space to the north of the building at the corner of Lincoln Street and the Greenway. This enhanced public realm area will include approximately 10,400 sf of landscaping designed to accommodate a wide range of programming, streetscape improvements, and improved connection to the Greenway. The design will be developed in close coordination with the City and the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy. Additionally, the Project will partially cover the I-93 tunnel ramp, creating a new 4,700 sf plaza along Beach Street that will complement Chinatown Gate. The creation of approximately 8,500 sf of active ground floor space along Beach Street and Lincoln Street, complementing the existing retail character within the Leather District. Parking capacity for up to 150 vehicles located in up to three levels below grade.

Project Phase

  • Letter of Intent
  • Under Review
  • Board Approved
  • Under Construction
  • Construction Complete
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