Planning Initiatives

Below are all the active planning initiatives being coordinated by the Boston Planning & Development Agency Downtown & Neighborhood Planning department. Find more information inside each initiative, including details, associated files, and contact information.

Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park Master Plan Update

In Process Status

Harbor Planning Type

Mar 28 2017 Last Updated Date

Edison Power Plant

Active Status

Waterfront Planning Type

Jan 10 2017 Last Updated Date

Accessibility Guidelines and Checklist

Active Status

Policy Planning Type

Nov 21 2016 Last Updated Date

Newmarket Core-Area Rezoning for Land Use Table Update

Active Status

Downtown & Neighborhood Planning Type

Nov 10 2016 Last Updated Date

Stuart Street Study (Back Bay)

Board Approved Status

Downtown & Neighborhood Planning Type

Aug 25 2016 Last Updated Date

South Bay Kneeland Street Parcels

In Process Status

Community Planning /MA Air Rights Type

Jun 14 2016 Last Updated Date

Back Bay / South End Gateway Project Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)

In Process Status

Community Planning/Economic Development Type

Apr 20 2016 Last Updated Date

I-90 Allston Interchange Placemaking Study

In Process Status

Downtown & Neighborhood Planning Type

Feb 25 2016 Last Updated Date

South Boston Waterfront District Municipal Harbor Plan Renewal and Amendment

In Process Status

Municipal Harbor Planning Type

Feb 02 2016 Last Updated Date

Urban Ring Transit Project

In Process Status

Transportation Planning Type

Oct 23 2015 Last Updated Date

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