In response to widespread expressions of interest in the future of the West End Area of Boston, the BRA initiated a community dialogue with the objective of establishing a vision for the West End Area that reflects consensus about the kinds of change that are acceptable and feasible. In open public meetings, stakeholders discussed the future of the West End Area and vicinity, sharing information and seeking common goals.

The BRA announced the beginning of this process in March 2002, and publicly solicited nominations for membership on a West End Area Planning Group from community organizations, institutions, and business groups as well as from the general public. The resulting 25-member Planning Group was comprised of individuals who collectively represent a range of area constituencies.

Meetings included presentations on zoning, urban renewal, development projects and proposals, institutional master planning activities, recent transportation improvements in the vicinity, and other topics. In addition, a workshop / charrette in September 2002 allowed participants to brainstorm about ways to achieve common objectives.

The variety of ideas and strategies contributed and developed by participants were compiled into a framework document that articulates the shared goals in a manner that will serve to help shape growth and change for the area.

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