The BRA completed the South Huntington Avenue Framework for Future Development Review in May 2013 for the stretch of South Huntington Avenue between Perkins Street (Jamaica Plain) and Huntington Avenue (Mission Hill / Jamaica Plain border).

Based on community feedback, the Framework formed a vision for the corridor by creating guidelines to address preferred uses, size of development and potential public realm and transportation improvements for new projects going forward. Where applicable, the BRA would now like to translate certain sections of the guidelines into  local zoning language for Jamaica Plain (Article 55) and Mission Hill (Article 59). This process will attempt to implement the Framework vision while also matching existing development patterns and corridor character.

We will be holding our first public meeting on May 21 at 6PM at the Hennigan Elementary School (200 Heath Street, JP) to engage the community in this process. Join us in the dialogue to ensure that the guidelines have captured your vision of the South Huntington Corridor between Perkins Street and Huntington Avenue.

Please continue to visit this webpage where you will be able to receive updates and working documents as we move the process forward.

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