The South Bay/Gateway Planning Study Area is located south of Kneeland Street adjacent to Chinatown, the Leather District, and South Station/Fort Point Channel. Existing Chinatown zoning requires that a comprehensive study be undertaken, and a portion of the study area that is under the South Station Economic Development Area has been included in the planning to facilitate a complete plan. The Planning Study is a comprehensive plan for the area that will include land uses, urban design, massing, infrastructure, transportation, and environmental issues that at the completion of the plan will lead to new zoning.

In late 2003, Mayor Thomas M. Menino appointed a 17-member Task Force comprised of a cross-section of Chinatown, Leather District, and city-wide representatives to assist the BRA, City agencies, and Massachusetts Turnpike Authority (MTA) with the Planning Study. The BRA has contracted with Goody, Clancy & Associates to assist with the planning of this 2-phase planning study. In January 2004 the South Bay Planning Study Task Force (“Task Force”) began a series of community meetings. The Phase I report was completed in September 2004 and includes overall principles and goals for the South Bay area, as well as a series of illustrative scenarios.

During the Phase I planning, the MTA issued a Request for Proposals for developers interested in the MTA-owned properties within the Study Area. In December 2004, the MTA received one submission, which they decided not to select in late 2006.

With the assistance of the Task Force, the BRA looks forward to beginning work on Phase II of the planning process that will result in a comprehensive plan for the Study Area and new zoning.

If you have any questions regarding the planning study, please contact Mary Knasas, BRA, at 617.918.4489 or [email protected]. To see the status of the planning process, please visit the project website at

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