The Port of Boston is New England’s major seaport as well as a center of national and international shipping and commerce. As a full service industrial transportation hub the Port serves all of New England, upstate New York, U.S. Midwest and eastern Canadian regions. The Port and its industries annually handle more than $8 billion in goods and employ more than 9,000 people. Significant cargoes crossing Boston’s docks include petroleum and its by-products, liquefied natural gas, containerized cargo, autos, lumber, scrap metal electrical machinery, and a wide array of consumer goods. The Port also supports cruise ship visits, lobster fishing, seafood processing and distribution, passenger ferries, ship repair, fuel and ice facilities and waterfront tourism and recreation. In the interest of advancing a coordinated economic development plan to ensure the future viability of the industrial port the Boston Redevelopment Authority and the Massachusetts Port Authority joined efforts in drafting the Port of Boston Economic Development Plan. The primary objectives of the plan are to: promote and encourage development of the seaport economy; maintain maritime industrial jobs; provide waterside and landside infrastructure to support future growth of the industrial port; promote the Port as a component of Boston’s tourist trade; and redevelop portions of the Port for a mixed harborwide economy.

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