The Forest Hills Improvement Initiative is a community based approach to improving and growing the Forest Hills Station area and planning for the sale and development of several MBTA owned parcels as well as other publicly and privately owned parcels around the station. The City of Boston will work in partnership with the MBTA, the Forest Hills Task Force and area residents, businesses, institutions, and organizations throughout the process.

To date, community meetings have yielded a draft Community Vision, District Plan, and Use & Design Guidelines for the six development parcels around Forest Hills Station and preliminary Transportation and Streetscape recommendations. The next steps of the planning process involve refining the recommendations for Transportation and Streetscape improvements in the vicinity of the T station.

The next Forest Hills Improvement Initiative Community Meeting will scheduled in January and will focus on Transportation and Streetscape planning.

Goals & Outcomes

  • A Community Vision for the Forest Hills Station area that guides and promotes “the right” residential and business growth, and open space preservation.

  • A Transportation Action Plan for the Forest Hills Station area that promotes the overall community vision, including a scope of work for a comprehensive transportation study, and listing of near term action items.

  • For all study parcels in the district - craft site specific Development Scenarios & Guidelines that advance the Community Vision.

  • For MBTA parcels in the district - craft site specific Use & Design Guidelines, including transportation improvement and analysis requirements, for inclusion in the MBTA’s Request for Proposals.

Presently, a Working Group comprised of local community members (including area residents, businesses, and community organizations), MBTA representatives, and City of Boston staff are meeting to craft a series of Community Meetings. The Working Group will determine the structure, schedule, communications, logistics, and outreach for the Community Meetings and provide guidance and feedback throughout the planning process. Draft documents and maps from those meetings are posted above for your viewing:

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