Following the completion of the East Boston Master Plan in 2002 the BRA began a planning process to develop a Municipal Harbor Plan (MHP) for East Boston in order to implement the community’s goals for their waterfront. The primary objectives of the MHP were to provide the public with meaningful access to the waterfront, preserve and strengthen the working port, enhance the East Boston community, and ensure that the waterfront serves as a positive economic force for East Boston’s and the City’s economy. To develop the plan the BRA convened an Advisory Committee that included a broad range of individuals with interest in and knowledge about waterfront issues in East Boston and the City as a whole. The BRA also coordinated the planning process with state agencies, property owners, developers, and community residents. The basic goals, guidance and requirements of the East Boston MHP build and elaborate upon the East Boston Master Plan. The document specifies urban design guidelines, standards for the shoreline and watersheet, establishment of water transit nodes, and a variety of open space improvements, including expansion of the HARBORWLAK, additional waterfront open spaces, streetscape improvements, and other public space improvements. The MHP also focuses on supporting water-dependent uses and recommends the preservation of East Boston’s historic and cultural fabric. The East Boston MHP provides guidance and a framework for the waterfront redevelopment efforts currently underway.

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