During 2007 the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) and the Charlestown community engaged in a planning process for the Charlestown Navy Yard (CNY) to establish new waterfront public destinations, improve access to the Harbor, and support maritime uses. The effort resulted in a Waterfront Network Activation Plan which focuses on year round public use and enjoyment of the waterfront with activities and a series of interpretive story loops that relate to the history of the Navy Yard.

A second, Water-Dependent Use Management Plan for the Navy Yard was also developed to address the management of the sailing facilities, marinas and water transit facilities along the shoreline and adjacent watersheet. These documents lay out a conceptual plan for improved public access and year-round enjoyment of the Harborwalk and waterfront areas of the Navy Yard. The general goals and objectives are to improve the clarity and connectedness of the extraordinary resources of the historic Navy Yard including the public access areas and historic and cultural institutions. The Plans seek to create a common identity for the entire Navy Yard and generate interest for diverse audiences at varied times of the day and year. Finally, the Plans develop a realistic implementation plan with a far-reaching implantation strategy involving many partners and funding sources.

In 2018, the BRA issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for qualified parties to enter into short-term license agreement(s) to activate the waterfront and watersheet of the Charlestown Navy Yard, specifically Dry Dock #2, the foot of Dry Dock #2, Pier 3, and the Harborwalk. To learn more about the proposals please see the Request for Proposals.

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