The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) will host a meeting to discuss a proposed zoning amendment to Article 64 Section 29 of the Boston Zoning Code. This zoning amendment proposes new language related to affordable commercial and cultural spaces in the Harrison-Albany area of the South End Neighborhood. 

The draft zoning amendment is available for review here. Text amendments to the existing zoning language are highlighted and underlined in red.

There is a 40 day comment period associated with this zoning amendment. The comment period will open on April 29, 2021 and close on June 8, 2021, at 5:00 PM. If you would like to submit a comment regarding this zoning amendment, please do so through the contact form on this page or contact [email protected].

Previous Events

Article 64 Zoning Amendment Public Meeting | May 11, 2021

The BPDA’s planning and zoning team provided a brief presentation outlining the proposed amendment and how it will affect affordable commercial and cultural spaces. There was also an opportunity for community comments and questions following the presentation.

Meeting presentation:

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Share Your Thoughts

We want to hear from you! All questions, comments and ideas are welcome. Comments are received and reviewed by members of the Article 64 Zoning Amendment team.

To submit a comment in a language besides English, please email [email protected].
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