Suffolk University


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Founded as a law school in 1906, Suffolk University now enrolls 9,192 undergraduate and graduate students. Suffolk's main campus is situated in Boston's Downtown and Beacon Hill neighborhoods, near the Boston Common and Theater District. In 1995, Suffolk began transitioning from a commuter school to a residential campus and has since added four residence halls.

Suffolk filed its most recent Institutional Master Plan in 2008. Main features of the IMP included increased campus housing, through the Modern Theater cultural and residential project, and new academic space at 20 Somerset Street.

For more information from the BPDA, please contact Edward Carmody, Institutional Planner & Project Manager, by email or by telephone at 617.918.4422.

For more information from Suffolk University, please contact John Nucci, Vice President of Government & Community Affairs, by email or at 617.973.1103.

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