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The East Boston Master Plan provides a framework for new growth and development in the community's commercial districts and waterfront area, while preserving and enhancing the quality of life in the community's residential neighborhoods.

Many of the recommendations from the April 2000 plan have been implemented including but not limited to the creation of new open space. Mixed-use development proposals have responded to the framework and the waterfront is dotted with many approved mixed-use developments that are awaiting financing and construction work for final implementation and completion. The intensive one-year planning process which was completed in April 2000, involved widespread community participation. In addition to citizen involvement, the planning process included extensive coordination among city departments (DND, Parks, BTD, and BHA) and was recognized with an Honorable Mention by the Boston Management Consortium’s Neighborhood Pride Award.

The plan is organized around four focus areas: Reviving the East Boston Waterfront, Enhancing the Neighborhood’s Commercial Centers, Strengthening the Residential Neighborhoods, and Shoring up the Airport Edge. For each focus area, the plan provides recommendations regarding land use, open space and public environment, historic resources and heritage, and transportation and parking. The plan also provides development guidance and addresses regulatory issues for each focus area.

Issued in conjunction with an Implementation Strategy, the plan established a set of goals and objectives that reflect the community's desire to maintain East Boston's identity and culture, while looking into its future development.k

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East Boston Master Plan PDF, 18.6MB