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Boston Climate Resiliency ​Review Policy Update

Dec 19, 2017

T​he Boston Climate Resiliency ​Review Policy Update​​ is now available and ​posted ​on the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) Article 37 Green Building and Climate Resiliency Guidelines ​web ​page.
​The update aligns BPDA review policy with​ the 2016 Boston​ Research Advisory Group and the Climate Ready Boston recommendations​.​ All development projects subject to Zoning Article 80 Large Project, Planned Development Area, and Institutional​ Master Plan review, including modifications and updates, are to consider and analyze the impacts of​ ​future climate conditions and to incorporate measures to avoid, eliminate, or mitigate greenhouse​ gas emissions and impacts related to climate change in project planning, design, and construction.

​Additional details are available in the Climate Resiliency Guidance and Checklist document. The Update introduces an online Climate Resiliency Checklist submission portal that will better enable the City and the BPDA to understand and promote best practices. The update also introduces the BPDA Sea Level Rise (SLR) - Flood Hazard Area Map Mapping Tool. Prepared by the Woods Hole Group and the BPDA, the map models future coastal flooding conditions due to a 1% annual storm event with 40" of SLR and provides projects with a SLR - Base Flood Elevation for project planning.
​Please share ​the ​update with others who might be interested.​​​

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