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161 residential units approved at July BPDA board meeting

Jul 14, 2017

The Boston Planning & Development Agency’s (BPDA) board of directors approved three new development projects and one Notice of Project change at the July board meeting. The projects represent a total of $105 million in investments.

In addition to the approval of the new projects, the board also voted to approve the expenditure of the Harvard Allston Public Realm Flexible Fund (HAPRFF) to seven non-profit organizations. The HAPRFF was originally created as part of a package of public benefits approved in 2013 when Harvard University committed to provide $5,350,000 to projects that contribute to the goal of bettering the Allston neighborhood. The seven non-profits receiving funding from the HAPRFF are: Allston Village Main Streets, Artists for Humanity, Brain Arts Organization, Charles River Watershed Association, Gardner Pilot Academy, Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture, and Ringer Park Crime Watch.

New Development Projects

10-16 Everett Street approval will bring 19 condos to East Boston

Live: 19 Housing Units, 2 Affordable Units, ADA Accessible Unit
Work: 40 Construction Jobs, +/- $6.5 Million Investment, $94,000 Inclusionary Development Policy( IDP) Fund Contribution
Connect: $25,000 in Community Benefits, Piers Park Sailing Center, Bicycle Storage
Project Size: 22,544 total square feet

This four-story, residential building will total approximately 22,544 square feet and contain 19 condominium units. In addition, there will be 21 on-site/off-street garage parking spaces located at-grade level. Bicycle storage and a trash/recycling room will be located within the ground-level of the building. As currently proposed, the 19 condominium units will consist of 17 market rate units and two Inclusionary Development Policy (IDP) units. There will be a mix of six one-bedroom units and 13 two-bedroom units.

Pipefitters Association Local 537 Training and Office Facility given green light by board

Live: 70,000 Square Feet Training & Office Space, State of the Art Classrooms & Training Equipment, Public Pedestrian Mid-Block Connector
Work: 50 Construction Jobs, 59 Permanent Jobs, 460 Apprentices/Students
Connect: 8 Bicycle Storage Spaces, LEED Silver Certifiable, Boston Police Department (BPD) Security Cameras
Project Size: 70,000 total square feet

The Pipefitters Association Local 537 Training and Office Facility will be a four level, 70,000 square foot training and office facility with two surface parking lots accommodating approximately 117 off-street vehicles. The new structure will include training, educational, assembly, and office space, replacing the the existing Pipefitters facility. The building will be approximately 65 feet tall and positioned on the north end of the project site in an “L” shape. A new pedestrian through block connector will be provided on the site, aligned with the adjacent West Howell Street extension being constructed as part of the adjacent South Bay development.  

20 condominium units move forward for East Boston’s 114 Orleans Street

Live: 23 Housing Units, 3 Affordable Units, Accessible Adaptable Units
Work: 50 Construction Jobs, $5.5 Million Investment
Connect: $47,000 Community Benefits, Salesian Boys and Girls Club, Samuel Adams School, Ciampa Public Garden
Project Size: 29,385 total square feet

This project will create a five-story residential building totaling approximately 29,385 square feet. The building will contain 23 condominium units and there will be 25 onsite/off-street garage parking spaces located at-grade level. Bicycle storage and a trash/recycling room will be located within the ground-level of the building. The 23 condominium units will consist of 20 market rate units and three IDP units. There will be a mix of 11 one-bedroom units, 11 two-bedroom units, and one three-bedroom.

In addition, this project will provide a number of community benefits to East Boston and the City of Boston. A total of $47,650 has been committed towards the Salesian Boys and Girls Club, Hammer East Art Garage, Ciampa Public Garden, East Boston Museum and Historical Society, Piers Park Sailing Center, and the Samuel Adams Elementary School.

Notice of Project Change

99 Sumner Street NPC approval yield to 119 homeownership units, Harborwalk updates

Live: 119 Condo Units, 6 Affordable Units, $2,190,000 payment to the IDP Fund
Work: 200 Construction Jobs, Approximately 7,200 square feet of Work-Share Space, 9 Permanent Jobs
Connect: 147 Bicycle Storage Spaces, LEED Silver Certifiable, Approximately 35,570 square feet of Public Open Space, including new addition to the East Boston Harborwalk.
Project Size: 125,614 total square feet

The project proposes the construction of a six story, 125,678 square foot, mixed-use building. The building will contain approximately 119 residential homeownership units, a public facility with 7,200 square feet of shared-work space, approximately 83 off-street vehicle parking spaces in a below-grade parking garage and associated site and landscape improvements. The site will also include 119 bicycle storage spaces within the building for residents and 28 exterior bicycle storage spaces to be made available for the general public, visitors, and residents. Approximately 35,750 square feet of the project site will be used as public open space. A separate private open air deck will be constructed for residents of the building. In addition to the new mixed-use building, the project also includes construction to fill the missing link of the East Boston Harborwalk. This will take place along the shoreline, connecting the existing Carlton Wharf and future Clippership Wharf Harborwalk sections with LoPresti Park’s Harborwalk and other green space to the west.

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