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Mayor Walsh kicks off community engagement for first citywide plan in 50 years

Oct 07, 2015

Textizen mobile platform will allow public to text feedback; one of many innovative ways that public can engage in Imagine Boston 2030 process

Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced today that the community engagement process for Imagine Boston 2030 has officially begun with the launch of the Textizen mobile platform. The platform will allow people to use technology that is already in their pocket to engage with the city anytime, from anywhere. The responses shared on the platform will be incorporated on the data dashboards used by the Mayor and his administration to track major strategic objectives.

This text message survey tool will be one of the many innovative ways Imagine Boston 2030 will seek the public's input for the citywide plan.

"This citywide planning effort is the first of its kind in 50 years and we truly want residents from every corner of the city to be engaged in a way that they never have been before," said Mayor Walsh. "But planning can't unlock a vision unless it mobilizes the community. Textizen is one tool we will use to help empower everyone to participate in a citywide dialogue about our needs and dreams as we work towards a shared vision for a thriving, healthy, and innovative Boston. The success of Boston's future depends on the contribution of our fellow Bostonians of all ages and backgrounds."

Sara Myerson, Executive Director of Imagine Boston 2030, is leading a team of City of Boston staff and consultants from HR&A Advisors and Utile, Inc. to create a community engagement process that will truly inform a vision and strategic direction for Boston as it approaches its 400th birthday.

To participate, the public can simply text the letter of their top choice in response to the below questionnaire to 617.860.3745:

My life in 2030 will be better with (pick your top choice):

a)     Housing I can afford
b)     Safer neighborhoods
c)     Better transportation options
d)     Quality education for all
e)     A more environmentally-friendly city
f)      Great parks and public spaces
g)     A more innovative and creative city
h)     Expanded job opportunities
i)      More vibrant neighborhoods

Mayor Walsh has challenged both the public and city employees to embrace creative public engagement strategies that go beyond traditional community meetings. As such, the Imagine Boston 2030 team is actively working to reach constituents in innovative ways like Textizen. For those who do not want to text, there are other convenient ways to make your voice heard:

  • Take our survey and sign up for email notifications on the website (
  • Follow us on social media (TwitterFacebookInstagram) and post comments and suggestions using #ImagineBoston.
  • Look for suggestion boxes around the city where you can submit your ideas using pen and paper. Suggestion boxes will be at libraries, City Hall, on the City Hall To Go truck, and more.

Imagine Boston 2030 will be carried out in phases:

  • Phase One will focus on the development of a strategic vision plan, establishing goals and targets for the City's people, economy, places, and environment.
  • Phase Two will build on the strategic vision to develop the Imagine Boston Citywide Plan, which will encompass specific strategies, policies and investment priorities to achieve the City's goals. 

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