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Green Building Professionals Discuss Falling Cost of Energy Efficient Construction at BRA Forum

Jul 02, 2014

NZEB-Discussion-Invite-(2).pngOn Tuesday over 70 professionals and students gathered at the BRA to discuss Net Zero Energy building practices and the trend towards reduced construction costs for energy efficient buildings.
Speakers included Lisa Fay Matthiessen of Integral Group, Alex Pollard of the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER), and Fran Boucher from National Grid. Matthiessen presented an Integral Group Study which compared costs of conventional and energy efficient building construction in several cities. The study found that the costs of energy efficient construction, previously considered to be more expensive, is now similar to that of conventional construction. Pollard described the State's current Zero Net Energy Building policies and relevant Mass DOER programs, such as Pathways to Zero. Boucher presented National Grid's energy efficiency incentive programs for smaller buildings. 
The BRA and the City of Boston have been working on energy efficiency initiatives as a step towards achieveing the City's ambitious green house gas emissions reduction goals. Since 2006, the BRA has instituted LEED certification requirements for large buildings undergoing Article 80 review, implemented successful E+ Energy Positive building and community projects, and explored innovative Ecodistric planning initiatives.

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