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BRA Board Moves Projects Forward

Apr 18, 2014

The Boston Redevelopment Authority Board approved a number of projects and initiatives throughout Boston last night. The ten approved development projects represent over $461.2 million of investment in the City and over 1.2 million square feet of development. When these projects break ground, they will create nearly 1,400 construction jobs.

Fenway Center Special Tax Assessment will Enable Air Rights Development

Total Project Cost: $550 millionFenwayCenterWestView_for-web-(2).jpg
Total SF: 1.3 million
Jobs: 1,800
LEED: Certifiable

The BRA Board voted to petition the City Council for approval of a Special Tax Assessment Agreement (STA) between the City of Boston and MK Parcel 7 Development, LLC, the developer of the Fenway Center project.

The Fenway Center project will be developed over air rights which span eight lanes of the Massachusetts Turnpike. The finished project will include 550 apartments, commercial space, parking spots, open space, and streetscape improvements. The project was approved by the BRA Board in 2011, but has been delayed due to litigation by an abutter and rising costs.

The STA will offer the developer of the Fenway Center project a $4.6 million tax break over six years during the construction and stabilization phase of the project. The tax break was deemed appropriate because of the extreme infrastructural costs of the project and the transformative public benefits which would result from developing air rights.

The completed project is expected to raise $5.7 million annually in tax revenue for the City. At present, the site generates $152,000 per year.

The STA must now be approved by the City Council, then brought before the Massachusetts Economic Assistance Coordinating Council for a vote.

Phase Two of Northampton Square Project Brings Affordable Housing, Rooftop Open Space to South End

Total Project Cost: $150 millionPages-from-Northampton-Square-Project_PNF_FOR-WEB.jpg
Total SF: 371,881
Jobs: 453
LEED: Certifiable

The BRA Board approved phase two of the Northampton Square Project in the South End.

The second phase of the project includes the construction of a 26-story tower at the corner of Albany and Northampton Streets (Albany Tower) and the rehabilitation of the 12-story residential building at 860 Harrison Avenue (Harrison Tower). Albany Tower will include 211 residential units and 53,000 square feet of office space for the Boston Public Health Commission (BHCC). Harrison Tower will include 109 residential units. At least 102 of the units created by Phase Two will be affordable. The plaza on top of an existing parking garage will be renovated into an open space amenity for residents, including areas of green roof and rooftop farming.

The two approved buildings are part of the 3.59 acre Northampon Square Campus, which includes the existing offices of the BHCC, the South End Fitness Center, the Carter Auditorium, and a 538-space parking garage.

Trinity Northampton LImited Partnership is the developer. The Architectural Team is the architect on the project.

1065 Tremont Street Creates New Housing in Roxbury

Total Project Cost: $6.2 million03032014-1065-Tremont-Street_2_FOR-WEB.jpg
Total SF: 16,200
Jobs: 19 construction jobs

The BRA approved the development of 1065 Tremont Street last night. The new development will replace a one-story commercial use building in Roxbury with a primarily residential structure. The project will include 16 housing units, one commercial space, and 17 off-street parking spots.

The $6.2 million project is being developed by Boston Real Estate Collaborative, LLC. Monte French Design Associates is the architect. Construction is planned to begin in summer of 2014.

190 - 206 West Second Street Redevelops Warehouse into New Housing for South Boston

Total Project Cost: $30 million181-185-West-First-Street-and-184-2c-190-and-206-West-Second-Street_FOR-WEB.jpg
Total SF: 90,000
Jobs: 91 construction jobs

The BRA Board approved the development of 190-206 West Second Street in South Boston last night. The approved project will replace a two-story warehouse building and unpaved parking lot with a three-story residential project.

The project includes 97 residential units, 4,000 square feet of ground floor retail space, bike storage, and 115 at-grade garage parking spaces intended to serve both residential and retail uses. Public benefits include new streetscaping and sidewalks along West First and West Second Street and additional lighting to improve neighborhood safety.

The developer for the project is Triad Alpha Partners LLC. R&B Design, PC is the project architect.

248 Meridian Street Project Brings Housing, Retail to East Boston

Total Project Cost: $14 million248-Meridian-Street_FOR-WEB.jpg
Total SF: 101,567
Jobs: 42

The BRA Board approved the development of 248 Meridian Street in East Boston. The residential project will be built on the site of the former Seville Theater.

The approved 248 Meridian Street project includes 66 condominiums in a six story structure. Eight of the units will be affordable. Two ground level floors will host retail and commercial uses. On site bicycle storage and 44 on-site parking spaces will be included in the project. The project will also include streetscaping improvements to the area, including new landscaping on Border Street near Liberty Plaza Shopping Center, and rehabilitation and maintenance of the public alley and stairwell abutting the project.

Global Property Developers Corporation, LLC is the developer for the project. ICON Architecture is the architect. The project is expected to be completed in 2015.

70 Bremen Street Redevelops Surface Parking Into Market Rate and Affordable Housing

Total Project Cost: $5.5 million03202014-70-Bremen-Street_FOR-WEB.jpg
Total SF: 29,700
Jobs: 17

The BRA Board approved the development of 70 Bremen Street in East Boston. The project site is currently being used by as an overflow parking lot for the Kirby Rapino funeral home.

The 70 Bremen Street Development will include 32 residential units and two ground floor commercial units in a five-story building. Five of the units will be affordable. The project includes 30 parking spaces and 34 bicycle storage spaces on site. The developer will also complete sidewalk and streetscape improvements along Bremen Street.

The developer for the project is 70 Bremen, LLC. Pisani + Associates Architects is the project architect. The anticipated completion date is fall of 2015.

728 East Broadway Redevelops Parking Garage in South Boston

Total Project Cost: $4 million022714-728_East_Broadway_FOR-WEB.jpg
Total SF: 35,241
Jobs: 12

The BRA Board approved the development of 728 East Broadway in South Boston. The project will replace an existing parking garage.

The project includes 18 condominium units, including two affordable units, and 6,400 square feet of ground level retail in a four-story building. Thirty-four parking spaces will be included on-site.

Empire Realty Trust is the developer on this project, and Neshamkin French Architects, Inc. is the architect. The project expected to be completed in fall of 2015.

Amended project at 621 East First Street Adds Pool for YMCA Use

Total Project Cost: $10.5 millionPages-from-621-East-First_Article80_1-25-14_FOR-WEB.jpg
Total SF: 43,870
Jobs: 32

The BRA Board approved an amendment to the previously approved development at 621 East First Street in South Boston.

The previously approved project, which went before the BRA Board in June of 2013, included 28 residential units, a community center, a barber shop, and 40 parking spots. The amended project reallocates square footage previously designated for parking to now be used for a swimming pool in connection for a planned YMCA within the project. This will reduce the total number of parking spots to 35.

The project developer is Gregg Donovan, and the project architect is LINEA 5, Inc.

Boston Cargo Terminal Adds Industrial Space, Rooftop Greenhouse to South Boston Waterfront

Total Project Cost: $210 millionPages-from-Boston-Cargo-Terminal_NPC_FOR-WEB.jpg
Total SF: 510,552
Jobs: 634

The BRA Board Approved a Notice of Project Change for the Boston Cargo Terminal project in the South Boston Waterfront neighborhood.

The completed BCT project will include three commercial/warehouse buildings, a 120,000 square foot roof-top greenhouse structure, and 160 on-site parking spaces. Public benefits will include the construction of a Harborwalk viewing area.

Marine Terminal Operator LLC is the developer of this project. Arrowstreet is the architect.

900 Beacon Street Brings New Housing, Ground-Floor Commercial Space to Audubon Circle

Total Project Cost: $16 million20131121-900_Beacon_Street_FOR-WEB.jpg
Total SF: 38,950
Jobs: 48

The BRA Board approved a development at 900 Beacon Street in the Audubon Circle neighborhood. The project will replace a single-story brick building which is currently occupied by a commercial use.

The new, five-story development will include 32 residential units and ground floor commercial space. Four of the housing units will be affordable. Thirty-six off-street parking spaces will be provided in a below-grade garage as well as at grade behind the site. Bicycle storage space will also be constructed.

The developer for the project is 900 Beacon Street Realty Trust. The project architect is Prellwitz Chillinski Associates, Inc.

Citywide Energy Study to Examine Local Energy Supply in Boston

The BRA Board authorized a City Wide Energy Study to be conducted over a six-month period in 2014.

The study is a planning tool for district energy in the City of Boston. Study results will reveal environmental impacts and climate preparedness benefits from different scenarios of local energy supply. The study will be completed in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office of Environment, Energy, and Open Spaces (EESO) and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MCEC).

The MCEC is providing funding for the study, which will be overseen by BRA staff. A qualified technical partner will complete the study and train BRA/EDIC staff to maintain a study map.

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