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Research Division Report: Boston's Largest Employers

Dec 10, 2013

The BRA Research Division's latest report, "The Largest Employers in the City of Boston," provides an overview of Boston’s largest private sector employers. The 121 private sector companies identified in the report employ 500 people or more.

The ten largest companies in Boston, and their number of employees, are:

  1. Massachusetts General Hospital: 14,742
  2. Brigham and Women’s Hospital: 11,229
  3. Boston University: 9,783
  4. Children’s Hospital, Boston: 7,903
  5. State Street Bank and Trust Co.: 7,800
  6. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: 6,695
  7. Fidelity: 5,500
  8. Harvard University Graduate Schools: 5,132
  9. Northeastern University: 4,484
  10. Boston Medical Center: 4,217
The report also details Boston’s major industries, and the largest employers within these industries. Boston’s three largest industries, and their number of employees, are:

  1. Health Care & Social Assistance: 60,393
  2. Finance & Insurance: 38,389
  3. Educational Service: 28,891
For the complete list of Boston’s private sector employers, please visit the report.

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