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BRA to Provide Customized Census Maps

Mar 31, 2011

Boston's neighborhoods have no officially-defined boundaries.  In order to sort census data by neighborhood, we have used a combination of ZIP codes and zoning boundaries to define each neighborhood's borders. While the neighborhoods the BRA has mapped out for census number crunching by-and-large match how most perceive Boston's configuration, we acknowledged some may dispute how where neighborhoods begin and end. To make sure we are serving all residents’ needs and data requests, the BRA invites you to define your own data boundaries.  Please send an email to [email protected] that includes street names and intersections of the section of data you are looking for. We will provide  customized neighborhood data for you based on those boundaries. Next week, the BRA will continue to release additional maps with aggregated 2010 census data available for Police Districts, Office of Neighborhood Service area, Public Works and City Council districts.  In the coming weeks, the BRA’s research staff will continue to release reports that analyze census information.

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