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Liberty Mutual files Letter of Intent

Apr 09, 2010

Liberty Mutual filed a Letter of Intent on Friday, April 9, 2010 for a proposed project to be known as 157 Berkeley Street. The Letter of Intent proposes 590,000 gross square feet of commercial office space in a 22-story building located at the corner of Berkeley Street and Columbus Avenue. The proposed project would also include the preservation of an adjacent building at 330 Stuart Street, which Liberty Mutual purchased in 2004, and the construction of 25,000 gross square feet of commercial office and conference center space in a two-story addition to the Stuart Street side of Liberty’s current building at 30 St. James Avenue.

According to the letter, the proposed project will be an owner-occupied facility and its construction is not subject to market conditions or pre-leasing.

The filing of the Letter of Intent will begin the Article 80 development review process, which will include a number of public meetings. An Impact Advisory Group (IAG) will also be formed to advise the BRA.

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