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Have You Seen the BRA's 3D Models?

Feb 23, 2010

The BRA Urban Design department works to find solutions for making the built environment in Boston one that is both pleasing to be in and sustainable. The team works with the elements that make up a city from the signs on storefronts, trees on sidewalks and the height of buildings – and everything in between. Because the distance one has to walk to get somewhere and the nature of that walk (Does it feel safe? Is it attractive? Is it engaging?) determines if someone gets in a car or gets out on their feet – pedaling or walking. And when they can make it so that getting out and walking or biking is the preferred method, we can help combat a range of epidemics from obesity, to crime and global warming.

Urban Designers work with developers, architects, other planners and designers and community members to find the best solutions. They use software like Sketch Up, 3D Viz and Revit to model scenarios of the city, measure shadow and wind impacts, and impacts on view corridors. Models are used to calculate square footage of projected retail, residential and mixed development. Click to see 3D models designed by BRA Urban Designers.

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